Post Workshop & Next Steps

Racial Equity Workshop Phase One

Racial Equity Phase One is a two-day, intensive workshop designed to build the capacity of educators, health practitioners, child welfare advocates, judicial officers, elected officials, law enforcement officers and other community leaders who are interested in understanding and eliminating racial inequities, disparities, and disproportionality within the Mecklenburg community. The curricula provides talking points, historical factors and an organizational definition of racism. It also supports organizational and community leaders develop a common race analysis and foundational vocabulary. This workshop connects the dots between the origins of race in the early construction of America to today’s current systemic racial inequities across our nation.

The two-day racial equity workshop is not just a seminar, workshop or training.  It provides the foundational pillar for our work within systems and institutions.  The workshop is a two-day educational experience that elevates your social awareness and conscious regarding racial disparities and disproportionality that occurs across all systems that may be visible to some people but not everyone given of socialization, and lived experience in relationship to the history of our Country and our racial constructed society.

As a collaborative leadership team, our primary focus is institutional organizing for practice change.  Through a process, we work with our partner organizations to identify the structural inequities embedded within policies, procedures and practices that result in people of color having the worse outcomes and whites having the best outcomes across all systems when data is disaggregated by race/ethnicity.

Post-workshop/Next steps

RMJJ is more than a two-day workshop or training.  For hundreds of years, there were social, political and economic policies designed and engineered to provide an advantage to one racial group and at the same time disadvantaged marginalized and oppressed other racial groups. Therefore, to advance racial equity and address institutional racism, it requires an steadfast and intentional process that cannot be achieved in a 2 to 8 hours workshop or even a two day workshop.

As Racial Equity Workshop Alumni, we are positioned as racial equity champions and leaders in the community that intentionally focus on the root cause for institutional racism.  We invite you to continue your journey with us.

After a participant successfully completes the two-day racial equity workshop, they are recognized as a Racial Equity Workshop Alumni (REWA).  This is the first step/gateway and a requirement to become involved in the work of RMJJ.

Next steps to stay connected and continue your journey with RMJJ.

  1. Join our social media
  2. Join our database with other Racial Equity champions
  3. Participate in a reflection session
  4. Become involved with a subcommittee/workgroup
  5. Participate in monthly affinity groups designed to be educational, reflective, and build racial equity skills
  6. Connect with other allies and work cooperatively within your home system and across systems to advance racial equity
  7. Gain access to information sharing and resources